Important Factors That May Affect the Learning Process

By | January 21, 2023

Learning comes in different forms and its importance varies from person to person. If someone is taking it lightly then it is something which is very easy to learn, but on the other hand some people think of it as an extremely difficult task to accomplish. However, teachers are always there to help to overcome the obstacles and make learning uncomplicated. They make learning easier for students helping them understand the knowledge or information better.

Learning is a joint effort, as in most of the cases the process of learning involves both the learners and the teachers to make learning effective and obviously the effort should be mutual. At the same time it is important to see if the teacher is effective and applying the proper techniques while teaching the students. All these depend upon the experience and the level of understanding of the teacher. It is often observed that a particular teacher possesses sufficient amount of knowledge, but lacks when it comes to effective teaching techniques. Keeping these factors in mind a number of teacher training institutes have come up and taken the initiative to improve the quality of teachers. These institutes offer a range of teacher training courses that cater to the teachers to hone their teaching skills emphasizing the modern and improved teaching techniques.

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Learning itself is a very interesting as well as simple process provided the learner identifies the importance of knowledge properly. It is the teacher who has the responsibility of making the learning process effective for the learner. There are a number of learning procedures but it may happen that a particular technique that proves effective for one person may not be effective for another. Therefore it is necessary to analyze the factors that influence the learning process to implement the appropriate learning approach for an individual.

The effective factors are listed below:

Intellectual factor: Intellectual factor indicates a person’s mental state and level. It depends on the intellectual level of an individual to understand the performance at school, for example a task given by the teacher can appear to be simple and easy for a student with higher intellectual state whereas in case of a student with lower intellectual state the same task may seem to be very difficult. That is why, students with weak intellectual quotient face a number of difficulties in school and it is the responsibility of the teachers to help the students in uplifting their moral state and confidence to work further and harder for completing the learning assignments. There are special cases where students are found to have learning disabilities. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the teacher to take extra care to overcome the obstacles those students face and make the learning process less difficult for them.

Physical factors: Sometimes, learning also get affected by the physical factors or physical disabilities of the students that includes health, visual and physical defects, nutrition, physical development and glandular abnormality. In rural and underdeveloped areas, many students suffer from malnutrition and several other diseases relating to the eating disorder. There are children who suffer from visual, auditory and other physical disabilities which prevent them in developing their skills like reading, writing, spelling etc. So, different health hazards also affect the learning capabilities of the students in a bigger way.

Mental factors: Children can be defiant, naughty and sometimes impulsive as well, which is absolutely normal at their age but some children are very difficult to handle and have extremely difficult and challenging behaviors that seem to be completely out of the league. These children with attitude disorders lead them towards different mental disorders that can act as a barrier to learning. Bad attitudes are also responsible in developing major personality problems. Sometimes the major mental disorders require doctor’s consultation but that is only when the student is advised to seek the medical attention by the concerned teacher. If the teacher is able to identify the existing disorder in his/ her student faster, the quicker will be the intervention that can ensure a better future for the student. As more importance is given on learning disabilities among students in recent times, institutes are providing teaching training courses that focuses on teaching students with special conditions where teachers are trained to cope with difficult situations like these.

Teacher’s Personality: It is recommended for the teachers to have pleasant and positive attitude towards the students. It is important for a teacher to have a radiant personality and value discipline. According to many educationalists the supreme responsibility of a teacher is not restricted to monitor the routine duties but to lead as well as inspire the students develop a positive personality.

There are several other essential factors which are capable of bringing significant changes in the learning process and with little care and devotion those barriers can be easily removed. Several pre and primary teacher training courses are available to help teachers adopt new methods of learning and bring sufficient improvements in their behaviors towards the students which will be beneficial for the students.

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